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Robert Partin 1587/88

Robert Partin, was born around 1587  in the British Isles and came to this country in 1609 at around 21 years of age. He was 36 years old at the time of the 1624/5 Virginia Muster (census/survey) and was listed  along with his wife, children and a servant.  Margrett, Roberts wife, was also 36 years old.  Avis is listed as child - age 5, Rebecca, is listed as daughter - age 2, and Robert, is listed as a son - age 4 months.  
Thomas Hale, age 20, is listed as Partin servant.  

The Muster also gives the dates of arrival and the ships that carried them.  Robert arrived on the Blessinge from London in June of 1609, Margrett arrived on the George from London in 1617 and Thomas Hale arrived on the George from London in October of 1623.

The 1624/5 Muster, the first comprehensive census of 17th century Virgina, also included information on location, buildings, arms, food and livestock.   Robert Partin owned a house located in West & Sherley Hundred, Corporation of Charles City, Virginia.  In the Arms Records he is shown to have had 2 pounds of powder and 20 pounds of lead, a Snaphance (a type of fire-arm), and 4 pieces of armor.  In the Food and Livestock category he is shown to have had 50 bushels of corn, 3 neat cattle, 1 swine, and 9 poultry.  The Notes state - "Neat Cattell yong and old".

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Robert Partin, Sr. 1587/88

Robert Partin, Jr.  1623

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William C. Partin  1710

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Charles Partin, Jr. 1775

Ezekiel S. Partin  1785

William Littleberry Partin 1803
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